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1000 Hours Monthly Check-In

It’s March! Not sure how it happened but it’s almost spring, which means lots more opportunities to play outside. However I do think my family has become accustomed to bundling up and making the most of the New Hampshire winters. Ever hear the saying “there’s no such thing as poor weather, only poorly prepared people.” I used to be dubious but now I’m a believer. Do I want to hang out in the pouring rain? No. But does having good gear make a difference? Yes. While living in New Hampshire, I’ve invested in a super warm coat, wool socks and insulated boots. The other day my friend and I literally sat and chatted during a snow storm, because it was so nice to see each other and socialize in person. I was able to stay fairly comfortable because I was dressed appropriately. (On a side note, if you’re looking to invest in some warm clothes yourself, check out Patagonia’s Worn Wear. I may never shop their regular site again.)

I also stand by the belief that being adept to colder weather has made the pandemic a little easier on Granite staters. Of course we’ve weathered many hardships, and I don’t want to minimize those, but we are used to spending time outside in the cold. It’s part of the culture and thus allows us access to safer ways of socializing as we wait for the pandemic to end. We were able to see some friends during February break and it was wonderful! Normally we’d hang inside someone’s house or head to a museum or playplace, but this time we were forced outside. The results? Lots of nature walks, sledding and snowmen building. All of us came home rosy cheeked and happy.

The Audubon center in Concord is a local gem

Right now my family is up to 99 hours spent outside for the year. Less than what we accomplished in January, but still pretty good. My kids are getting better at weathering the cold and finding things to do in the snowy yard. I recently read some parenting advice that suggested one should give your kids fresh air (ie send them outside or walk a baby in the stroller) or some water (pools, bath, water table etc) if they are fussing. I think that’s also good advice for adults. Life isn’t ideal right now. We are all balancing work, kids, Covid depression or worse. I find myself in a cycle where I often don’t leave the house for most of the day because I’m focused on at-home responsibilities. But then I have to walk the dog and the result is a big burst of fresh NH air. It can really change one’s mood.

In some ways, I regret not doing this 1000 hours challenge when my kids were younger. At the same time, it’s never too late and I think all of us are experiencing the benefits. Have you been working on increasing your outside time? How’s it been going? What are some new joys and/or hobbies you’ve discovered? Share with us! – Rachel


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