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ACT NOW: Tell the Senate that NH Demands Fair Maps BY THIS THURSDAY

On Thursday, Bill HB52 is headed to the NH Senate floor. If you haven't heard about HB52, I'll explain the bill and why it affects our local and global environment below, but if you're ready to ACT NOW, click here.

Now, for the details...

Our Voting Maps are Being Gerrymandered

Every 10 years, the legislative districts from town to federal are redrawn to reflect the changes recorded in the national census. This year, the NH Senate Election Law Committee recently passed partisan district maps that most of us in New Hampshire haven't seen. According to a recent UNH pole, 80% of people shown the maps, regardless of their political party, recognize that they have been gerrymandered. If you aren't familiar with the term gerrymandering, it basically means that the electoral maps have been drawn to favor a particular political party, in this case, the Republican Party.

All Voters Should be Worried about Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering affects our ability as voters to have free elections. Each of our votes matter less when we have been gerrymandered into particular districts. All voters should be worried about gerrymandering, regardless of their political party. When the elected officials do not represent their voters, elected officials cannot be held accountable by the voters, and then democracy is in peril. If you want free elections, which most of us do, you want fair maps!

Environmentalists Should be Particularly Worried about these New Maps

While we at GreenLifeNH believe that everyone can and should be an environmentalist, regardless of their political party, historically, Republican lawmakers have not voted for state park protections, funding for safe drinking water, climate action, and other important environmental legislation. While we believe this can and should change, we need to be realistic about current trends and individuals and make sure that all New Hampshire voters' voices are heard, including those voting for Democratic lawmakers likely to vote for environmental legislation.


The bill HB52 is headed to the senate floor on Thursday and there is still time to tell them to fix it - this is the last stop before the bill goes to the governor's desk.

This is our state. Let's keep it free!

- Hannah

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