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August This and That

How's your August going? I had all of these plans and then, like many of you have probably already experienced, Covid hit our family. We are lucky, and our cases have been relatively mild, but we have been grounded and staying home. I know it could be worse, but there went many of the adventures I had planned to write about. In the meantime, I've been doing lots of reading and can share some tidbits here.

Have you heard of these new electronic countertop kitchen compost machines? The idea is that you push a button and the gadget will turn your scraps into dirt. To be honest, I'm not really sure how it works and the price point is pretty high. It's much more economical (both money and energy-wise) to compost the old-fashioned way. However this tool seems like a good option for people who don't have room for a backyard tumbler or pile, perhaps if you live in an apartment. At the least, it's still better than sending your scraps to the landfill. Anyone have one? If so, share with us and tell us how you like it!

If you live in Concord, zoning meetings are on the upcoming calendar. The goal is to discuss the future of the city's planning. If you're available to participate, the next one is on August 4th at 7pm. August 9th will focus on the expansion of I-93. (Why can't we focus on trains?!) You can find more information on the city's website.

Have you been to the Broken Spoon in Franklin? This place is on my "to-visit list." (Had plans to go last week, but those plans were put on hold due to aforementioned reasons.) This restaurant intrigues me, and the chef uses many local ingredients and food-sources to stock her menu. Unfortunately, the Broken Spoon has been receiving unwelcome attention from certain fringe groups around the state. If you're near Franklin, and need some lunch, please show the Broken Spoon some love. While there, you can also check out the new water park.

Climate change continues to show its impact. The temps in New Hampshire feel hotter every summer, and cities across the country are experiencing newsworthy weather. Most recently, Kentucky residents have suffered tragic flooding. If you're in the position to help, Glennon Doyle's charity is accepting donations. I've also recently encountered more climate migrants, people who have moved to New Hampshire from other parts of the country because New England is in a stronger position to withstand global warming than other areas. I met a family who moved from California because "they were tired of the fires." Though I've read about climate migrants, it was still pretty eye-opening to hear firsthand accounts of this trend. My husband and I also discuss the possibility of moving to Florida at some point, and I find myself hesitating due to rising sea-levels and not wanting to put down roots in such a precarious place. Feels like the future has arrived and it's humbling.


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