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Covid-19 Grocery Shopping

Just when we it seemed reusable grocery bags were hitting their stride, along comes Covid-19 and the governor’s order to leave them at home.

So are we back to plastic? NO! We just need to get creative. Many people have been re-packing their groceries into their carts and packing their shopping bags in the car, which saves the plastic bags but takes more time.

Our Covid-19 grocery shopping solution. PS Those plastic bags you see in there are filled with bulk nuts. Since we can’t use our reusable glass containers either, we’ve been filling the bags super full and making the best of it.

My husband came up with a quicker system that has been working really well. He puts our two laundry baskets into the trunk of the car and then loads the groceries from the cart into the baskets. When he gets home, he carries the baskets inside and unpacks.

Is this how we want to do groceries forever? No. But it will work until the emergency mandate is lifted. There is no way I am letting hundreds of plastic bags into my life!

– Hannah

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