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Decorating with Nature – Fall Edition

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

It’s almost Fall and all the stores and online advertisers are trying to sell you a bunch of fake pumpkins, apples, and leaf garlands. They will be offering fall-themed napkins, paper plates, and “fall-scented” candles. Resist the urge!

Here is New Hampshire, the outdoors is all we need to decorate our homes. Look no further than your backyard and your local Farmer’s Market for inspiration. Bright leaves for wreaths and garlands (and, if you’re my children, crowns) are free for the taking. Pumpkins and apples, acorns, and pine cones – all easy to find and gorgeous on your mantle, table, or front door.

My children (ages 1,5, and 7) helped decorate our mantle for fall using lots of found objects and crafts, plus pumpkins from our garden. We harvested a ton of drop apples from an old orchard and made apple cookies. Yes, it’s not quite Fall yet… but we love Fall!

Locally-made beeswax candles are beautiful and festive and you can fill your home with delicious fall scents by baking pies, cookies, soups, and breads.

Fall doesn’t need to come from a store. Just remember to harvest only what you need and leave the rest for our furry friends to enjoy.

Happy Fall Equinox on Tuesday!

– Hannah

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