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DIY Fabric Softener

The other day, my friend texted me:

“Hey question – wondering your thoughts. My towels don’t like city water. They’re so stiff now and uncomfortable. I’m not having any issues with any clothing, just towels. I never use fabric softener and don’t want to (due to chemicals). I have wool dryer balls. Anything you can think of? I’m not sure what to do. It’s not a huge deal but I like softer towels!”

I don’t use fabric softener but remembered seeing a solution on @naturallytess and asked if I could share. So if you’re having a similar problem, try 1 tbsp of this solution:

  1. 16 oz white vinegar

  2. 1 tsp vegetable glycerin

  3. (optional: 20 drops of essential oil if you’d like)

Hopefully this will help! Also, remember to line dry your laundry when it’s only a few items like towels. It’s a free and easy way to save some energy! If you’d like to avoid the “crunchy towel” feeling, Tess also recommends hanging them till they’re about 90% dry and then throwing the towels into the machine for about ten minutes.

But this brings me to another point – feel free to send us your eco-questions! I can’t promise to know the answers, but I can promise to try and find a solution! Email us at


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