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Earth Jams for the Kids

Matt Loosigian’s album, Hungry for the Sun, is just the right mix of fun and educational. Kids learn about important environmental topics – recycling, energy use, composting, and habitats – through Matt’s excellent lyrics and classic blues, rock, and reggae music. It is one of the few made-for-kids albums that I actually enjoy listening to and definitely the only album that has actually taught me something useful.

You’ll think it’s amazing when you hear your kids singing about biodegradable garbage, how without all the worms the farms would fail, or how they now know that CFLs will save you 80% on your electricity bill. The song Storm Drain even opened my eyes to the importance of keeping storm drains clear because that water isn’t filtered before it goes to the rivers, lakes, and sea.

This isn’t your typical children’s music. The songs are catchy, the lyrics are really well-written, and your kids will actually learn useful information about how to live green.

To learn more about Matt and his mission, visit his site here:

– Hannah

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