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Easy Baking Swaps

If you’re like me, you’ve been baking a lot more often now that we’re staying home due to Covid-19. If you’re also like me, you really dislike scrubbing cupcake/muffin tins once your goodies have been eaten and enjoyed. In the past, I used disposable paper liners until I saw a better way. A friend introduced me to silicone cups and I was sold. They are easy to use, my food bakes beautifully and the cleaning is quick and painless. Plus, they are very inexpensive! I found mine for around $10.

For cookies, I used to love parchment paper, because I also disliked having to clean grease and crumbs off my trays. Enter silpats, which are silicone baking mats. These are a little more expensive than the muffin cups but I reach for them almost daily. In addition to cookie-making, they are great for roasting vegetables or baking chicken. I also love them for rolling dough. (I stick the dough between two silpats and use the pin on top.) No more aluminum foil or disposable paper necessary! Like a lot of things zero-waste, it requires an initial small investment but will save you from many recurring purchases in the future.

Please comment below with more zero-waste baking tips. Happy cooking and happy eating! – Rachel

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