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Green Gifts for your Favorite Techie

No one has ever described me as a techie (the computer I am writing this on is over ten years old and my cell phone is at least five years old). But, when it comes to reducing my carbon footprint, I am a pretty reliable source.

We bring our solar speaker everywhere. Not only does it have great sound, but we can charge our phone while we enjoy the sun and the music. I leave it in a sunny window to charge our devices in the house.

If I could do it again, I think I might have chosen one that also acted as an emergency radio, but we have a crank radio in the car already, so we didn’t really need one.

So, trust me when I tell you that a solar-powered speaker and charger is a good investment. Not only does it provide high-quality sound to accompany your outdoor (and indoor) activities, but it will charge your devices as you jam out (or don’t). We use ours all the time outdoors to listen to music and audiobooks and, when we’re inside, we stick it in a sunny window to charge our devices. It’s also a great emergency-preparedness gift because you can use it to charge your phone when the power is out. I give it five out of five stars!

When I found out we would be homeschooling this year, I realized I would need something the kids could use to do Kahn Academy without tying up my very old computer. We bought this iPad used and refurbished from Amazon. It came with a warranty and has been awesome!

Do you have a child (or adult) in your home who is longing for a phone, gaming system, or iPad? Not only does new technology have a big carbon footprint, but it can leave a big dent in your wallet as well. Here’s a great solution: buy them used. I’m not suggesting Ebay or Craigslist for technology, though I’m sure you could find great things there. I can personally recommend Amazon Warehouse, which houses all the desired technology used and refurbished. Apple also sells certified refurbished products, which means you can get it directly from the source with all the warranties. There is literally no reason to buy a brand new tech product, when you can buy last year’s model for half the price. It just doesn’t make sense.

Want to make an investment in the future this holiday season instead of buying more stuff? Here are some ideas to green your home, which will also save you money for all those eco projects you want to do in 2021!

– Hannah

How is technology helping you green your life?

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