Has Climate Change Affected Your Life Yet?

Lately I’ve been hearing that people are rethinking their life choices and/or changing their plans in response to climate change and what lays ahead. Has this happened to you? My family’s life has been affected in small ways – vacations canceled due to extremely strong storms, flooding in our basement due to heavy January rain (when it should’ve been snowing) – but that is minor in comparison to what others have already suffered. New England is relatively lucky in this way and has actually become a climate migration destination. People are moving here from other areas, because they think we are better suited to brave the future.

That said, New Hampshire has been experiencing air quality issues as a result of the fires out west. WMUR recently posted a story about rethinking strenuous outdoor plans over the next few days and I personally know some people who are moving their plans indoors. This recent opinion article from the New York Times gave me a lot of pause. I’m writing this dispatch from my kitchen because it’s closest to our newly installed air purifier and is thus the room in the house with the safest air. The great outdoors has given way to the great indoors and the loss feels incalculable.

Want one of these posters for my home! Would be so handy

1A on NPR played a recent story about declining birth rates in the United States. One reason is that people people choosing against having children in response to climate change. They worry about bringing new lives into this uncertain world. I actively chose to have kids, but I get it. I worry for my kids and their future families, and that’s why I’ve become so passionate about fighting climate change.

A scientist on the show also talked about hormone-mimicking chemicals and how they affect fertility, especially for men. So many everyday items were listed, such as regular aluminum cans for vegetables, beans etc. I don’t know how one completely avoids all of these things. It feels overwhelming. Have you had any luck here?

Lastly, Concord, NH residents – how do you feel about the proposed building plans on the South End near Langdon Avenue? I like revitalizing areas – and I know there’s a housing crisis in the area – but this opinion gave me pause. So many local areas of forest are being cut down for unnecessary commercial development, and it makes me really sad and angry. More people are reporting bears and other wildlife in their neighborhoods because these animals are running out of room. What is the right answer in this situation? What are your thoughts? – Rachel