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Have A Fun Halloween!

The big day is almost here! No – not Election Day (though I’m anxiously awaiting that one too) – Halloween! My children and I are so excited! Do you have a costume planned? I looked through my closet and am going as Professor McConagall. Halloween was never huge for me, but I love getting into the spirit with my girls. What about you? If you’re looking for last minute costume ideas, Hannah offers some suggestions. It’s also the last day to enter our Giveaway! Who doesn’t want a $50 giftcard to Tiny Yellow Bungalow? If you’re unsure about zero-wasting, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the water

And now let’s focus on that other big day – the election!

The next President will play a huge role in the United States’ actions towards climate change. Elizabeth Kolbert talks about Joe Biden’s plans and some of the Trump’s administration’s changes

This week, NHPR’s The Exchange also covered the presidential and NH gubernatorial candidates and their environmental policies.

If you’ve been following Trump’s environmental actions, this new move should come as no surprise. Neither should this one, though deforestation especially hurts. No amount of money is worth that type of damage – it pollutes the air, destroys homes for so many animals, increases the temperature and throws our environmental structure off balance. We can do better.

Four Environmental Fights on the 2020 Ballot

And here’s a recap of other topics Hannah and I discussed this week on GreenLifeNH!

  1. Guest Post! The 45 by 2030 Pledge: Climate Change Commitment at the Household Level

  2. Vote for a Greener Tomorrow

  3. 100th Post!! And a GIVEAWAY!!!

  4. Products We Use: Reusable Ziplock Bags

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– Rachel

PS The above photo was taken by my daughter! Pretty good, right?


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