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Have A Happy Thanksgiving

Friends, we wish you have a happy Thanksgiving and hope you are able to relax a little bit with your close ones. We know it’s a tricky time but hopefully next year we’ll be back to the traditions we know and love. In the meantime, Zoom is offering unlimited video-calling so you can connect with whomever you want throughout the day.

My youngest is fascinated by animals. Her cousin spent hours patiently catching and showing her the chickens in their coop last time we visited. We won’t be able to go to Vermont to see them tomorrow, as planned, but we’ll be Zooming into the chicken coop, I’m sure. – Hannah

If you want to add something to your festivities, but don’t want a lot of work and/or haven’t gone shopping, The NY Times has recipes you can make with five ingredients or less. And, of course, you can always eschew the turkey altogether and try something different.

After our big meal, we always take some time outside to be thankful for this beautiful place where we live. We are all so lucky here in New Hampshire – especially this year, during Covid – to have so many opportunities to be outside. Whether you visit the woods, a hill or mountain, a favorite lake, pond, or stream, or visit a local park or even your own backyard, take some time to be grateful to our planet tomorrow.

The lake where we swim in the summer takes on another mood in the fall. I am so grateful to live in a place with seasons. It reminds me to take time to notice and appreciate nature all over again. – Hannah

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful T-day and are so grateful for all of your support over these past few months.

XO, Hannah and Rachel

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