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I Tried It: Reusable Steel Razor

I’ll be honest – I was really nervous about making this switch. I bought my steel razor a few weeks ago from Bona Fide and it sat in my bathroom cabinet, daring me to use it. I can be a bit klutzy and had been using Venus-brand shavers for a long time because they felt safer. No one wants bloody nicks all over their legs. But in my quest to become “greener,” this reusable option seemed like it would be pretty easy once I got past my initial fear. So many people seem to use them, including Hannah’s husband, that I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Worst thing, I’d waste a few dollars, go back to my old ways and give the razor to someone else. However I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised!

Before I get to the shaving experience, let’s talk about the packaging. One container is plastic and the other is all paper. I like that the Rockwell company was thoughtful about how they would sell the razor. One can either compost or recycle all of the paper/cardboard versus trashing or possibly “wishcycling” the other’s plastic. Once you unwrap the razor and little pack of blades, it’s also pretty easy to put together. Executive functioning and product assembly are not my forte in life, but I was able to get the razor into the shaver without hurting myself. If I can, so can you.

Now to the main event – shaving. I took it slow and steady, because I was terrified of seriously cutting myself. The shaver was actually much gentler than I expected and I didn’t nick myself once. The only flaw is that it’s one blade, versus three in a Venus-style razor, so shaving took a bit longer and needed more passes. However no one should rush when placing something sharp to their skin, so it’s not a big deal. Not a huge price to pay for switching to something more sustainable.

Ultimately, I do ask myself if any of these switches matter. Will my reusable razor stop global warming? No. But Hannah’s husband makes a good point and I can use the power of my dollar to influence corporate America. If enough people move from disposable to reusable, big companies will start noticing and shift their market offerings. Great change doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually through small steps. Together, we can great a huge impact!

Will I still use the disposable shavers I have in my cabinet? Sure. They are great for travel and it’d be wasteful to just throw them away. But will I replenish when gone? Probably not. This switch is easy enough that it might just stick. – Rachel

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