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One Meal A Day by Suzy Amis Cameron

Photo borrowed from the book’s website

Many environmentalists will tell you that eating animals takes a huge environmental toll on the Earth. Many resources, such as land and water, are used to raise these animals. The livestock also emit dangerous gasses, due to living in less than ideal conditions on “factory farms”. However so many people were raised eating meat, and therefore find it extremely difficult to break this habit. (I know I do, no matter how hard I try!) In her book, Cameron addresses this issue and suggests people aim to eat vegan for just “one meal a day.” (Other food authors, such as Mark Bittman, have promoted this approach as well. His mantra was “vegan until dinner.”) To me, this approach feels reasonable and feasible. You can even try it for breakfast! Oatmeal with rice milk, berries and a banana is one of my favorites! You can also do toast with nut butter and jam. Amis argues that if everyone ate vegan once a day, we could make a huge environmental impact without too much effort. She speaks about the health benefits, as well. For more information, visit her website. Remember – no one needs to be a perfect environmentalist. You don’t have to be fully vegan all of the time. A little bit from everyone will go a long way! Plus it can be really fun to experiment with new grains, vegetables and recipes while you explore this new way of eating. Think of it as a fun challenge! – Rachel

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