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Products We Use: Dropps

Comes in the mail and I recycle or compost the cardboard after opening

A few months ago, my friend suggested I try Dropps dishwasher-detergent and I haven’t looked back. Before Covid-19, I was regularly replenishing my laundry and dish detergent at our local co-op refilling station. However I was unable to locate bulk dishwasher detergent, and therefore used the best I could find. This usually meant Seventh Generation from a plastic bottle or pods in a bag that would get thrown away. Enter Dropps. First, they come in a cardboard box that is easily recyclable with no extra packaging. They are also environmentally focused and their products work! (I have found them comparable to SG or Method.) I now use mine nightly, when I run my dishwasher before bed. My friend also uses them for laundry, so that can be an option for you as well.

Bonus – if your dishes aren’t too filthy, run your machine on “express.” You will save both water and energy! Now that we are home more often, I know those dishes are piling up. I hear you! Hope this helps a bit. – Rachel


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