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Thank you, Earth!

Dear Earth,

Thank you for all the magnificent forests, beaches, rivers, mountains, lakes, oceans, deserts, grasslands, and jungles.

Thank you for the amazing animals that crawl, fly, walk, swim, and hop.

Thank you for the air we breathe. Thank you for hot days and cold days, for snowy days and rainy days, and everything in between.

Thank you for fire, which makes us warm and cooks our food, for water which quenches our thirst and keeps us clean.

Thank you for trees which shelter us and which we use to build shelter.

Thank you for our food – for the fruits of the trees, the roots under the ground, the grains we mill to bread, and the animals that give their milk, their eggs, and their lives for us to live.

Thank you for nurturing our children and caring for our elders. Thank you for filling our souls and our spirits.

Thank you for walks in the woods, splashes in the water, and climbs to see the sun rise. Thank you for chilly ocean swims and hot summer sun. Thank you for fresh snow and cool rain.

For all these and more, thank you Earth. Please let us live to deserve all that you give us.

– Hannah

For some ideas to celebrate Earth Day (read: Earth Month), check out this post from last week.

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