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We Are Water Protectors

My children’s school recently celebrated Earth Day and We Are the Water Protectors was part of the curriculum. My younger daughter instantly connected with this book and asks to read it often. From an aesthetic point alone, the illustrations are gorgeous and worth a look.

The girls chose their favorite pages and photographed them

The book tells the story of a Native American tribe who is concerned about the arrival of a black snake, and how it will affect the water, animals and environment. (The black snake is code for the Dakota Access Pipeline.) The narrator, who’s a young girl, talks about how we must fight against the “black snake” and protect our Earth. While reading and after, my daughters had a lot of questions about this snake and how we are connected to our environment. These questions led to ongoing conversations about conserving our land and water. Like I mentioned, we read this book on a regular basis and it has sparked lots of learning. My younger daughter is in pre-K, but even likes to browse through it and examine the pictures on her own. Really recommend! – Rachel

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