What to do after you vote…

If you haven’t voted yet, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY AND GO VOTE! To find your NH polling location, visit this site. If you want some more information and motivation, please check out my post from last Tuesday about voting and then GO VOTE!

If you are still reading this, I’m going to assume you have already voted. And now the waiting game begins. If you, like me, are feeling powerless and stressed out, I have a few suggestions (and none of them have to do with deep breathing or alcohol).

SUGGESTION #1: Encourage everyone else to vote. Post it on all your social media. Call all your reluctant relations. Text your reclusive friends. Literally shout it out your window at strangers. Whatever you can think of – do that.

SUGGESTION #2: Sign some petitions. Petitions really demonstrate how many people care about an issue and enough signatures can raise national attention. If you are hoping to show the world what you really care about, visit the Sierra Club, Change.org, or Greenpeace.org and add your name to the list of concerned citizens.

SUGGESTION #3: Write to your political leaders. You might not know who they are going to be yet, but you know what you want them to do – make a better world for our children. Write a letter outlining your priorities, but don’t address it yet. Here are very detailed directions for how to write to your representatives.

SUGGESTION #4: Donate some time and/or money. On election day, choose one organization to support and support it however you can. If you are unsure where to donate your time or money, check out this article or this website. If you are short of cash, but have some time, volunteer. If you are short of time, but have the cash, donate some money now or put the organization in your will. If you are short on cash and time, do what you can, but don’t let yourself off the hook.

SUGGESTION #5: Make some lifestyle changes. Even if the politicians are stalled on environmental change, you don’t have to be! Make some personal or household goals for this year. Go for something ambitious, yet feasible. I suggest picking up a copy of How Bad are Bananas to get you started. Or find a vegetarian cookbook and commit to meatless weekdays. Reading through our website is also a great way to get motivated. Remember, every little thing helps, but every big thing helps more!

I know the next couple days are going to be crazy (hopefully crazy good, not crazy bad), but let’s stay focused on what matters – the future of our children and our planet.

– Hannah

P.S. If you ignored my earlier request (read: order) to go vote before reading this, GO VOTE NOW!