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Rachel's Top 10 Beginner Tips for Going Green

Want to start but feel overwhelmed? One step at a time is a great way to begin. Choose any of these items - some are small and require a minimal investment of time and money - and go from there. You don't have to be perfect to make a difference! Every little bit helps. Never miss an opportunity to take sustainable action for New Hampshire and the planet - subscribe today!   

Photo of book that discusses carbon footprints.

Get Informed

Check out our GREEN LIVING guide for understanding why working towards a green lifestyle matters.  Check out the OUT & ABOUT guide for information on green travel, shopping and dining in NH, plus interviews with Green Business owners. The ECO-ACTION guide helps you understand the environmental issues facing the Granite State and how to vote green. Finally, the book "How Bad are Bananas" is a great starting point - enjoy!

Cut Down On Meat

...especially red meat, and try a tasty meat-substitute or meat-alternative. Check out our eco-conscious FOOD & RECIPES guide and consider using our top ten tips for  Going Vegetarian/Plant Based.

Veggie Burgers
Photo of reusable bags representing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Swap Disposable for Reusables/Compostables

...and make sure you always bring reusable bags - and produce bags - to the supermarket. For more eco-friendly tips when your out & about NH - check out our OUT & ABOUT guide to NH and our Eco Shopping guide.

Visit Green Stores &
Refill in Bulk

Visit your local green stores and swap out one product. Maybe you stop buying dish soap from the supermarket and refill at the bulk store instead. Check out The Green Business List to support eco-friendly businesses!

Photo of local green business owner marketing refill and bulk eco-friendly products.
Photo of compost bin representing eco-friendly lifestyle.

Compost home or with a service. Check out our guide to trash, recycling and composting and Composting 101.

Weatherize Your Home &
Turn Down the Heat & AC

Weatherize your home (get a free estimate).  Check out our Sustainable Home guide to help green your home, and our Home Maintenance page for other eco-friendly home maintenance ideas.

Image of the logo for Weatherize Concord representing making environmentally friendly choices.
Photo of used kids clothes representing buying secondhand as a greener choice.

Buy Used

Practice buying used (furniture, clothes). Check out our eco-friendly FASHION guide and sustainable HOME DECOR guide for tips and ideas.

Start a Pollinator Garden your backyard or in a pot!  Check out our IN THE GARDEN guide to green your yard and garden.

Photo of purple flowers representing pollinator garden to help the environment.

Conserve Water at Home

Check out our CONSERVING WATER AT HOME guide.

Vote & Invest Green!

Check out our Eco-Action Guide and stay informed on how to vote green and donate time and money to green organizations.

Image of little girl holding a save the earth sign for environmental action.
Electric Car

11 (Bonus)
Go Hybrid or Electric

Consider a hybrid or electric vehicle. Or, carpool, bike, and walk more. Learn more at OUT & ABOUT NH.

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